Step by step

Step by step for patients wish to do lengthening by Precice nail either for pathological or cosmetic reasons:

1- we do not accept any patient just because he or she is able to pay the cost of the operation. The patient must be accepted by Professor Elbatrawy after e.mail communication and possible after face to face consultation and examination. You must contact Professor Elbatrawy directly to his e mail address: phone, internet chatting, messaging, Viber or what's up are not encouraged or appropriate. Only e mail communication.

2- Please send all necessary information about you: height in cm., weight in kg., age, sex, social status, job or nature of work, if you practice sport and what is it ? The city and country where you live ?

3- We are probably the lowest cost available operation for lengthening using Precice nail while we provide the highest quality full service from the technical point of view with professor Elbatrawy who is a well known international specialist in the field of lengthening since 1996. We help you from the day you arrive to the airport till you finish the lengthening and return back safe to your home country. As we care about the success of our work and we care about you, we like that you are under our care and close to us till the lengthening stage finish. This take about 10 to 12 weeks.

4- If you lengthen both sides at the same time, then weight bearing is not allowed and you must use crutches to be able to walk during that period of lengthening.

5- After you are accepted as a patient, you can pay the cost of the nail directly to the company of Ellipse. Professor Elbatrawy will help you to do this after you are accepted as a patient of him.

6- it take 3 to 5 weeks from the date of payment to the date of your operation. 2 to 3 weeks before the date of the operation you should pay the cost of the procedure ( all fees and hospital cost ). Professor Elbatrawy will supply you by all details about how to do that?. Bank transfer is the preferred and cheapest cost method for payment. You will be able to pay the cost for your accommodation and care taker directly with the responsible person in Cyprus and you will be in touch with her in the period after you pay for the cost of the nails and the operation date.

7- There is no worry at all about payment as professor Elbatrawy is a well known respected and honest specialist and work in the field since 1996.

8- We advise that you arrive to Cyprus at least 4 or 5 days before the operation to fix everything you need in the place of the accommodation and be familiar with the place before the date of the operation.

9- A day before the date of the operation you should be examined by the anesthesiologist in the hospital and do all necessary investigation before the operation.

10- There is no need for blood transfusion during the operation as it is a minimal invasive with little blood loss, however we like to have always back up with at least one back of blood in case we need.

11- As any operation there are risks from anasthesia and reaming of the medullary canal to inset the nail inside, however most of risks are avoidable and manageable. Professor Elbatrawy inserted more than 3000 intra medullary nails since 1991 as he also is a trauma surgeon and the same procedure of nailing is used for trauma and long bone fractures patients. Professor Elbatrawy thesis for master degree was about Interlocking nailing while his doctoral degree thesis was about lengthening, so he is expert in both and you should be in safe hands but you must follow all instructions till you reach your goal for lengthening and we reach to the success we like in your procedure.